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Digital Marketing for Beauty & Lifestyle Brands

Based in Tokyo, An-yal works with beauty and lifestyle brands creating digital communication strategy, campaign planning and end-to-end project execution.

We’re focussed, not ‘full-service’, meaning we do what we do best and deliver quality and expertise.

All this while aligning top-level business goals and ROI.


We have long experience working with big-name brands in cosmetics, hair care, confectionary, oral care, food and beverage, music products and more.

From communication strategies, influencer collaboration programs to social and digital ads campaigns, we have the knowledge, the know-how and we’re passionate about your industry.


We bridge gaps between global and local teams by providing the capabilities, resources and expertise needed for successful project execution, and to meet goals for the Japanese market.


Our people, creative and tech talent are all on-staff, and for larger-scale projects we collaborate closely with our specialist partners. So all your requirements are covered in one place and with fast and flexible communication.


Services & capabilities

Quality, Diversity, Innovation


We're committed to diversity and inclusiveness and take inspiration from the arts, fashion and design.

An-yal draws on the diverse backgrounds of our team, providing us with multiple & unique perspectives.

Always moving forwards, seeking new possibilities and different ways of realizing client goals through a mix of new technologies, research and creative thinking.

1.  Learn

First, we listen and learn. We listen and ask you questions. We learn about your goals and what it takes to reach them. We study your brand, industry and your customers. 

And we discover trends and patterns and look for key insights to help guide our thinking and yours.

2.  Plan

Planning turns the research into consumer insights, user objectives and business goals to create a strategic vision for your brand.

We activate this vision by defining key brand features, messaging, media and communication plans. And we align with analytics strategy, objectives and timelines. So you’ll know where we’re going and how we’ll get there.

3.  Create

We bring together our creative, social, search, tech, account team and our clients to collaborate, discuss and cross-pollinate.

We create ideas that help integrate a brand across different channels and into peoples’ lives. Ideas that engage, inform and entertain.

4. Execute

Everything comes together. Strategies are implemented, campaigns launched, media bought and content plans created.

A collaborative stage with roles including communication design, user experience, visual design, content and asset development, social media management and more.

5.  Measure

We want to make sure that our work works. By determining goals and objectives early on, we define KPIs to measure performance.

With project in progress, we measure, test and compare. With this we can track user behavior to better understand how to create deeper, more relevant experiences.

6.  Optimize

We’re always searching for ways to optimize. We use the data and results to improve the final product - it’s a continuous progress. So if something’s not performing well, we tweak it.

We want more than to help you reach goals for sales, market share or ROI, we want to help you exceed them.


Founder & Director

We work closely with you to understand your unique needs. This way, we form solid partnerships and remain truly in line with your goals.

Alongside our specialist partners, we aim to create new possibilities and positive change.