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Boutique social media & content marketing 

Based in Tokyo, we work with beauty and lifestyle brands to create a ‘way of life’ for their fans by forming deep connections through content experiences and social media.

We make strategy, produce content and media, and execute campaigns while aligning top-level business goals and ROI.

Focussed, not 'full-service'

We're a focussed team which allows us to deliver quality and expertise, build solid relationships and stay agile & adaptable.

Our values

Quality, Diversity, Innovation.

We believe in providing quality through what we deliver. We work closely with your organization, big or small, to better understand your business needs and offer the best solutions possible.

Committed to diversity and inclusiveness. Taking inspiration from the arts, fashion and design, while drawing on the diverse backgrounds of our team, provides us with multiple & unique perspectives.

Always moving forwards, seeking new possibilities and different ways of realizing client goals through a mix of new technologies & tools, research, and creative thinking. 

Reaching hearts & minds

An-yal reaches into the hearts and minds of audiences by finding beauty and inspiration in all things, and bringing that beauty back by crafting remarkable experiences.


Agile, measurable campaigns

We get the best possible results by

  • Using data and research to define market position & consumer behavior

  • Developing an effective conversion funnel

  • Clarifying your brand voice, identity & content to entice prospects & build trust

  • Analyzing and adapting your plan in progress


We Help Brands Reach Wider Audiences 

- Chioma Anyalewechi, Founder & Director

We work closely with you to understand your unique needs. This way, we form solid partnerships and remain truly in line with your goals. Alongside our specialist partners, we aim to create new possibilities and positive change.


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