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Insights, a plan and close collaboration...

The result is work that brings audiences into the story of a brand and its products. And campaigns and content that move people to loyalty and ultimate fandom.


We love data

There’s no way to deliver truly engaging content that connects without research and analytics. We use data to help craft your story, drive valuable engagement with your brand and deliver best possible results.



Our process allows us to track and gather all data and develop actionable insights to implement and optimize your project. The process begins at the planning stage and continues throughout the duration of your project and beyond.


Understanding your audience is everything. An-yal gathers industry trends and data that gives valuable insights into not just your customers but also your brand. We draw audience insights enabling us to deliver a customized, targeted experience and define realistic goals. Our research process is about gathering relevant data giving us the ability to take actions that move our brands ahead.


• Consumer research, insights & target market analysis

• Website, social & campaign analytics

• Actionable KPI reporting

• Metrics definition, measurement, analysis & optimization


Deep knowledge

Deep knowledge means learning, asking questions and understanding our clients, their business, their competition, the market and also having vast knowledge of our services. This allows us to bring expertise and push our clients further.

Naturally, we manage projects, timelines and budgets. But deep knowledge also allows us to deliver calculated, strategic and valuable direction.

And absorbing our clients’ knowledge allows us to deepen the relationship and turn that knowledge into actions and exceptional results.



• Digital brand audit & planning

• Project & budget planning and management

• Search strategy

• Social media strategy

• Consumer insights